10 Simple Home Improvement Projects

10 Simple Home Improvement Projects

10 Simple Home Improvement Projects

Replace your Front Door

When it comes to simple home improvement projects, it makes sense to start with the front door – it’s the part of your home that greets you every time you come home, and it’s the first impression your home makes on any guests.

Updating your front door can also be a great opportunity to improve the security of your home – by replacing your old PVC doors with solid core composite doors, for example.

Simple Home Improvement Projects

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Re-painting tired areas of your home is a quick and easy way to make things feel fresh and new again – and relatively cheap to change your mind about later!

This is a project that you can easily DIY to a professional standard with the right painting techniques.

Try experimenting with an accent wall (Or even an accent ceiling!) and use this as a chance to express your personality.

Paint your Floor

This one might sound a bit strange, but painting tiles and wood flooring can give a beautiful finish without having to rip up and relay tiles or boards.

Using a stencil and specially formulated paint, you could transform plain tiles into a mock-Talavera masterpiece, giving your kitchen the feel of a Spanish villa.

Capitalise on Some Dead Space

Do you have a half-empty cupboard under the stairs or a huge empty wall in your kitchen? Identify some areas where you’re not making the most of your space, and get creative!

You could try turning that under-stair space into a reading nook, installing some pull-out storage for shoes and coats, or even a home bar – the possibilities are endless!

Simple home improvement projects like this can make your home feel exciting and unique while eliminating those irritating useless corners and crannies.

Create an Al Fresco Entertainment Space

An area bursting with simple home improvement projects is probably your garden. You could easily build a decked area to entertain guests.

Once you have your deck built, you can make it into a relaxing oasis with potted plants and comfy outdoor seating

Let the Light Stream In

If parts of your home are overly dark, or you’re just craving more sunshine in your life, you could transform your space with skypod roof lanterns.

These beautiful architectural features can really add wow-factor to a previously dull space, and they offer much more illumination than traditional flat skylights.

Increasing the natural light in your home not only looks amazing, but could also benefit your mental health, especially over the winter months.

Even More Light

If you think that your space isn’t quite right for a roof lantern, but you’d still like to let the sunshine in and entertain with a view of the stars, then you might consider having glazed doors installed.

Aluminium bifold doors can not only make your space brighter, but they can open up your living space into your garden, creating a seamless transition between your home kitchen and al fresco entertainment space.

Buy a Dishwasher

If you haven’t already got one, a dishwasher should be a priority improvement for your home.

Not only is life too short for endlessly scrubbing pots and pans, but a dishwasher is also much more efficient than you at doing the job. Even the most inefficient dishwater still halve the volume of water used to clean the pots compared to hand washing.

Upgrade your Cheap Furniture

We’ve all made furniture purchases on the cheap – something breaks and needs replacing while money is a bit tight or you want to sit out in the sun right now, so you buy the most convenient thing you come across, but you don’t have to stick with that decision.

If you have furniture that you don’t really like the look of but does the job and doesn’t need replacing, there’s no reason not to give it a new paint job or a quick upgrade that will make it look a lot more expensive than it was.

You could add legs or door inserts to a scandi-style cube unit, add crown moulding to the top of a flat-packed bookcase, or replace the cheap handles on a chest of drawers with something more luxurious.

Make a Gallery Wall

If you have a big blank wall but not enough space to accent it with furniture, you could turn it into a Gallery Wall.

Hunt out a selection of frames that match your décor theme and then fill them with images that you love ­– this could be family photos or art that you’ve bought.

Arranged artistically, this can make your space feel bigger as well as adding an intimate touch – Just be careful not to overcrowd!

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