Bifold Doors Measuring Guide

To help you determine what the correct size aluminium bifold doors are for your project, we’ve compiled a simple measuring guide.

If you are unsure about how to take accurate measurements or have any other questions, then our team are ready to assist. Unfortunately, we can’t take responsibility for incorrect measurements, so we strongly recommend that you check with a professional before confirming your order.

These measuring guides are provided in good faith. Just Doors & Conservatories accept no responsibility for any errors arising from the measuring and ordering of products.

How to Measure for Bifold Doors

The opening is the term we use to describe the space where your bifold doors will be placed. The opening should have a flat, and level base with vertical sides and a level top. If the base and top are level and your sides at right angles, then your opening should be square. Another method of checking the opening is to measure from corner to opposing corner diagonally. If these measurements come back the same, then your opening is square and ready for your new bifold doors.

Measuring the Height and Width

To ensure accurate measurements of the height and width, you should measure at several different points along the length and height of the opening. The number of points at which you measure will be affected by the size of your bifold (an opening for a two-panel door will need fewer measurement points than that of a seven-panel door).

As a rule of thumb, you should measure the opening every 500mm. Start from one edge and work your way across the opening, taking a measurement every 500mm. If the measurements are the same, then you can again be confident that your opening is square.

How to Measure for Bifold Doors – 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Take a minimum of three height measurements (one every 500mm) across the length of the opening. If the measurements are not all identical, then you should use the smallest one.

Bifold Door Measuring Guide

Step 2 – Take a minimum of three width measurements (one every 500mm). If the measurements are not all identical, then you should use the smallest one.

guide to measuring bifold doors

Step 3 –  Take two diagonal measurements from corner to corner. These should be the same or very close.

how to measure bifold doors

Step 4 – If you are unsure about any of the measurements, contact a professional for advice.

Step 5 –  Once you have your confirmed measurements, you can either use our bifold door builder to create your perfect bifolds or contact our team to place your order.

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