Features of Large Bifold Doors

Features of Large Bifold Doors

Features of Large Bifold Doors

When you are looking for a door to spice up your brand new home, we have many solid options for you here at Just Doors & Conservatories. One of our main specialities is our bifold doors, which have plenty of advantages and features for you to consider. Read on to find out why large bifold doors can transform your home for the better.

Bifold doors are very useful because of their unique shape. They fold out like a concertina, which helps them bring a burst of fresh air into your living area. This also allows the strong illusion of a larger space, helping it feel more open and cleaner. This works because they don’t take up much room and their free-flowing design allows the wall to open completely. It is ideal, especially for smaller spaces, because you don’t need to worry about extra clutter.

Additionally, a larger bifold door makes for an imposing threat against intruders because of their strong security measures. This is because they are armed with multi point locking systems and shootbolts, which will ward off intruders. A bifold door is also different from other doors because it has many locking points fitted across the tracks.

This helps because intruders will find it very hard to open the door. Not only that, but all our doors come with advanced double glazing as standard. This is very good because your home will be protected against robust knocks and strong wind conditions, so you and your family can be kept safe without any problems. If your children trap their hands in the door, you can reduce this distressing experience by fitting in a child lock system to keep them safer.

What’s more, you can also have a deadbolt lock, which a key can only secure. Easy to install but difficult to crack open, this ensures you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Bifold Doors

Energy Efficient BIfold Doors

If you are looking to save more energy, then a bifold door is the perfect door for you. Fitted with advanced double glazing as standard, you will benefit from plenty of natural light, which means that you don’t have to use the thermostat or even your central heating. This will help you save money on expensive energy bills and spend money on the things that matter.

Your bifold doors are also very weatherproof because they will keep your home warm and insulated. Having a low threshold option will be beneficial because cold air will not be able to seep in very often. The space is also very watertight, so water won’t be able to leak into your home. You can even benefit from an aluminium construction because it provides natural insulation. It provides a robust thermal barrier that retains natural heat and traps cold air outside. Your home will be warmer as a result.

Stylish Bifold Doors

A bifold door is a thing of beauty to look at too. It can be customised in various colours and styles to suit your home perfectly. At Just Doors & Conservatories, our doors come with stunning designs which will spruce up your home effortlessly. You will get a superior looking door that makes you and your home feel fantastic.

It will also help increase your home’s market value because potential buyers will be excited by your new door. It creates a seamless connection to your garden, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views and bring nature together with your home. It’s also perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your room,

Aluminium vs uPVC Bifold Doors

Depending on the material you choose for your bifold door, it is more durable and long-lasting. This is because both aluminium and uPVC bifold doors are very robust and add a big character to your home. It holds unparalleled strength against tough weather conditions because the advanced double glazing will resist strong wind, rain, and hail. You will get maximum protection that helps your home last for longer.

A low maintenance door is always useful because you don’t need to clean it often. A bifold door is incredibly easy to clean because the only thing you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and a detergent. They don’t have multiple panes so that you can enjoy them more in the long run.

These big doors are also useful for garden parties because they allow your guests to move freely between your inside and outside space, and offer lots of natural light even when closed. They offer a low threshold which is perfect for wheelchairs and prams to enter the property. You can enjoy social gatherings much more, creating a social hub to entertain guests.

Bifold Doors from Just Doors & Conservatories

At Just Doors & Conservatories, we have provided many reasons and benefits on why you should consider a large bifold door. We hope we have helped you choose a door that’s right for you.

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