How to Choose a Frame Colour for Bifold Patio Doors

How to Choose a Frame Colour for Bifold Patio Doors

How to Choose a Frame Colour for Bifold Patio Doors

Bi-fold patio doors are a great way of having a fantastic view outside. When planning a bifold door patio installation, you may just consider the size and the arrangement of the folds. However, as a bifold patio door is both a window and a door, this can make it difficult when deciding on a frame colour. Windows and doors will be a feature of your property for many years to come. This can make the selection of the colour feel even more important and daunting.

When ordering your bifold patio door, you will be asked what frame colour you require. To avoid making a last-minute decision you may regret, this guide is here to help you decide on which frame colour to pick.

Frame Colour for Bifold Patio Doors

The Effect of Frame Colours

As a bifold door is predominately glazing consider them as a large window. In architecture, windows are often used to add interest to a building. The frame design and colour are sometimes an architectural statement. The choice of frame colour affects the exterior and interior appearance of the building. With bifold patio door frames, you have the option of having a different colour on the outside and the inside.

To help you select what colour to choose, knowing how colour influences what we see is important:

  • Dark or subdued colours like grey can make the window frame disappear into the glass; this can result in a smooth flat appearance and an uninterrupted facade.
  • Light shades like white highlight a window unit, this creates contrast and brings life to the outside of the building.
  • A dark window frame like black, when installed into a light façade, creates contrast and character. This makes the window an eye-catching architectural feature.
  • A high gloss finish on a window frame colour can make for a darker and more distinct appearance.
  • A matte finish will make the window frame appear lighter and more subtle.

By contrasting light and dark shades or cold and warm colours, you can achieve subtle or bold results. It is recommended to avoid certain colour combinations such as blue and green as these do not work well together in an architectural context.

Colour Choice Based on Building Type

Your colour choice of bifold patio door frames needs to complement both the exterior and interior of the property. With an increase of colour choices available it can be challenging to decide.

If the bifold door is for a new building project or renovation, the exterior wall material and colour will influence the final appearance of the frame. Consider the colour of brick or stone the property is built from or do you have a rendered colour you need to be mindful of?

If you want the bifold patio doors to be a strong feature, you should select a contrasting shade for the frame against the property walls. For example, a current trend is to choose an off-white or pale grey finish for the property paint render and pair it with dark grey or anthracite window frames.

As bifold patio doors have large expanses of glass, they offer the ideal opportunity to pick a bold frame colour. If the bifold installation is across a complete section of a building, and no other windows are seen on the same level, you can select a stand-alone colour.

If the bifold door installation will be seen with other parts of the property or neighbouring properties, the colour of these will need to be considered. For example, white is still the most popular colour choice for window frames. This is mainly because it’s a classic colour that fits well with all property styles. If your house is in a row of terraces, a different colour choice may look out of place, so white is the best option.

Interior Design with Bifold Patio Door Frames

With an increased choice of frame colours, you can decide whether your frame is a subtle or bold feature of your interior. For classic and contemporary styles, black, white and grey are perfect. Traditional favourites such as natural wood effect and neutral shades work well in period properties.

A bold colour on the interior frame will make your window much more prominent as a design feature. White frames help windows blend into your room, especially if you have a light colour on the walls. If you are planning a large bi-fold door installation, you have more opportunity to use a bold colour. With smaller bifold doors, you may not want to limit the light effect so it would be a better choice to select white or pale colour frames.

Before you make the final decision about the colour of your bi-fold patio door frames, you will need to know what colour you are planning to paint the walls. To make the most of bold contrast colour, you would paint the walls in a pale shade to allow dark frames to become a feature.

Black frames are a popular choice in modern conversions and can be used to showcase external views. With a bold choice, you should be aware that this could look dated in years to come. Black is a finish which could show marks more quickly it is harder than other colours to keep looking pristine.

Advice for Bifold Patio Doors Frame Colour

At Just Doors and Conservatories we have a wide range of bifold door frame colours and could help you if you have a specific shade you want to match to. If you are unsure about what frame colour to select please contact our team for advice and support.

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