Seven Easy Garden Makeover Ideas

Seven Easy Garden Makeover Ideas

Seven Easy Garden Makeover Ideas

Now summer has arrived, people are spending the majority of their time outdoors. However, it’s difficult to enjoy the beautiful sunshine when your outdoor space is looking a little tired and uninspiring. Therefore, we have collated a list of seven low-maintenance garden makeover hacks to create your perfect outdoor sanctuary on a budget.

Garden Makeover Ideas

Tidy Up

Clean up any rubbish and fallen leaves to give your garden an instant refresh. To achieve that manicured look, remove any pesky weeds and dreary plants that didn’t survive the winter. A great method to neaten the edge of your lawn or flowerbeds is to create a DIY border using left-over bricks.

Pick New Paving

Paving slabs are key to a successful garden makeover as they are the foundation to any design. Consider replacing your tired and cracked slabs with a modern alternative or, if new slabs are out of budget, paint the pre-existing paving to create unique flooring which perfectly mirrors your vision.

A Lick of Paint

A lick of paint is a simple hack that can entirely transform your outdoor space. Whether that be painting a tired-looking fence or transforming some dull garden furniture into a bespoke piece, adding a dash of colour can have a huge impact. If you’re feeling adventurous, try colour blocking by pairing opposite colours on the colour wheel to create exciting combinations and really jazz up your garden.

Dividing Screens

Screen dividers can turn the dream of a peaceful garden sanctuary, independent from the rest of the outdoors, into reality. Consider the eco-friendly option of reed or bamboo screening to create that earthy and tranquil ambience.

Plant Pots Galore

If your outdoor space lacks greenery and plants, head down to your local garden centre and purchase some plant pots and summer-flowering bulbs. Colourful pots can be expensive, so why not have a fun day with the family and paint your own? This will not only save money but will breathe new life into the overlooked and gloomy area of your garden. Be sure to use water-resistant paint so your beautiful designs are not washed away when the summer showers hit.

Upcycle Unwanted Furniture

After a spring clean, you may find yourself with pieces of furniture you no longer want or need. Rather than disposing of them, re-purpose the item to add character and a personal touch to your garden. An old shelving unit could fashion a bespoke vertical planter or herb garden. Wooden crates could become cost-effective garden storage, and unused wooden ladders make for the perfect potted plant display. Just be sure to weatherproof these new outdoor pieces, so they survive the seasons.

If your outdoor space is limited, try hanging an old mirror to create the illusion of space. To introduce dynamics into a small area, fix unwanted peg rails to your walls and hang tea lights or solar lighting.

Garden Wonders from Kitchen Waste

To achieve the ultimate Garden Makeover, transform your outdoor space into a sustainable heaven of tasty veggies using common kitchen waste. Start saving your food scraps, such as sweet pepper and chilli seeds, to regrow later so you can enjoy some free vegetables this summer.

If you don’t have the time nor patience to plant an entire vegetable patch, DIY your own vegetable trug using left-over decking or pallets. Moreover, a great alternative to planters is old food tins and plastic water bottles. Simply poke holes in the base of the container or add gravel for effective drainage.

These budget-friendly and time-effective methods are sure to give your outdoor space that much-needed spruce. A great way to showcase your beautiful garden makeover is to invest in Bifold Doors. These stylish and modern doors provide panoramic views to effectively connect your indoor and outdoor space so the entire family can enjoy your newly transformed garden.

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