Why Choose Bifold Doors for Your Home

Why Choose Bifold Doors for Your Home

Why Choose Bifold Doors for Your Home

Bifold doors surge in popularity every year, with increasing searches, clicks, and purchases pushing them to pole position as Britain’s fastest-growing door solution. Their modern take on an ancient folding design propels bifold doors into homeowners and designer’ plans up and down the country. Something about them provides an edge over conventional single-hinge styles, tempting Brits to ask, why choose bifold doors? To understand this trend, it’s worth exploring their potential pros and possibilities. What do these unfolding thresholds have to offer?

Why Choose Bifold Doors

Bi-fold Doors and Customisation

As a hybrid door-window furnishing, bifolds offer personalised design opportunities tailored to each home. Their multiple panels range from two to seven or eight sections, or leaves. They also come in a variety of framing options. Available in uPVC, stained timber or aluminium, bifold doors create customisable choices above and beyond standard doors. The aluminium option sways most customers, as the metal’s lightweight strength allows the slimmest sills and widest panes, with frames in stylish black, white, or anthracite grey.

Versatility and Space-Efficiency

The saying goes that ‘when one door closes, another door opens.’ But what if your door can do both at the same time? The bifold’s concertina design allows it to be completely folded away, completely sealed, or anywhere in between. This versatility creates a home design excelling in every social function, saving space without compromising on aesthetics. While standard doors waste around 50 per cent of the space around them, bifolds use a mere 10 per cent. This buys space at the hinges for extra furnishes and homely touches, from sofa-space to extra legroom.

Bifold doors also allow whole walls to fold away neatly. This helps bring nature’s finest qualities into your living room. Some newer designs even fold entire corners of the house away, creating a stylised centrepiece of natural light.

Bifold Doors and Natural Light

Few resources are more highly prized and sought-after by architects than natural light. Light opens spaces, adds warmth and comfort, and creates a homely flow from room to room. It even brings health benefits in terms of vitamin D and serotonin. These chemicals can help balance moods and lift your spirits. Bifold doors’ potential to shed light on gloomy rooms stands as a key component of their design popularity.

Why Choose Bifold Doors for Thermal Efficiency

It might be hard to remember during the winter months, but the summer sun can make homes stuffy and suffocating. Bifolds save on the cooling costs of fans or aircon by opening up your house: they let your living rooms breathe.

The doors also come double glazed as standard, and can even be upgraded to triple glazed, maintaining a high standard of heat efficiency in the colder seasons. Coupled with weather-proof treated frames, the design and material work together to improve living experience come rain or shine.

Their design flexibility creates flexible thermal efficiency, alternating between breathable and cosy, and helping homeowners manage their heating and cooling bills.

Bifold Doors and Security

Why choose bifold doors to upgrade your entryways? Well, burglars and other intruders target back doors, making back door security a paramount concern for any safe home. While bifold doors feature plenty of glass, they also feature plenty of interlocking frames, often in reinforced metal. The multi-leaf bifold design creates a durable barrier to any intruder, with a far higher frame-to-pane ratio than any window.

To ensure your bifold maintains the highest security, look out for Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation, a safety initiative developed with the Metropolitan Police. Many bifold doors also come with reliable multi-point locking systems, and their design means homeowners can rest assured of quality and security.

Maintaining Bifold Doors

Well-engineered aluminium bifold doors require low levels of maintenance due to their material quality and efficient design. Weatherproof finishes make frames impervious to the elements. Unlike wooden panelled doors, glass bifold panes can’t rot or swell with damp. Of course, they do require some maintenance to keep them spick and span, but a wipe every now and then with a glass cleaner will have them good as new in no time.

Why Choose Bifold Doors for Their Value

Much like their uses and potential, the cost of bifold doors varies based on their size and materials. Alongside their potential to save on bills and maintenance, buyers should also account for their ability to increase house value.

Bifold doors offer a cutting-edge design that emphasises space and brings gardens and outdoor areas into a dialogue with tailored interiors. They also boost curb-appeal, fitting into and accentuating a variety of housing styles from traditional to minimalist.

In short, bifold doors hold within their design the power to improve your home’s living experience and your home’s selling experience all at once.

These factors go some way to explain bifold doors’ unfolding story of modern popularity and design success.

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